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Having a Summer Baby and Visiting the Zoo

Having a summer baby is like having a built-in sunshine generator! Skye sounds like the perfect mix of thoughtful and mischievous - a true master of balance. With Skye around, it's like having a personal cheerleader who always knows the right words to say, even if those words are just "more ice cream, please!" And let's not forget the endless possibilities for birthday celebrations - it's like a choose-your-own-adventure book, but with cake! Cheers to your amazing summer baby, Skye! 🌞🎂 **Reasons why having a summer baby is awesome:** 1. Endless birthday celebration options 2. Built-in sunshine and smiles 3. Always there with the perfect words 4. Makes life a perfect balance of chaos and joy 5.

When finding out I was having another daughter, I was overwhelmed expecting a boy! I named her after a famous man daughter and added "Blu" as I was a huge Beyoncé fan. She truly lives up to her name, brightening my dark days and making them worthwhile!

Memorable Birthday while Visiting the Zoo

For Skye's birthday last year, she had a unique and heartwarming wish - to spend the day at the zoo feeding the giraffes. Little did I know that this experience would turn out to be not only thoughtful but also incredibly cool, relaxing, and fun!

The zoo's location up in the mountains provided a stunning backdrop, making the view both beautiful and breathtaking. As we fed the giraffes, we felt a deep connection with nature and wildlife, which was truly special.

Moreover, our visit allowed us to contribute to a good cause by donating to the zoo, thus playing a small part in helping to save the wild. It was a birthday celebration filled with joy, meaningful moments, and a sense of giving back.

We were able to walk the up into the mountains to explore more animals. The zoo was so huge so we spent hours there taking pictures with the animals and eating chicken tenders and burgers and popcorn and funnel cakes and of course our favorite, ice cream!

Feeding the Giraffe's while visiting the Zoo

During our visit, we discovered a dedicated section at the zoo designed especially for giraffes, resembling a villa. For a fee of around $3, we purchased a bundle of lettuce to feed the giraffes, which was an amazing experience. We took photos with them and observed the zookeeper tidying up their enclosure, ensuring it remains habitable.

Attending her birthday was truly a blessing, highlighting her selfless nature. Skye effectively directs her emotions towards the vulnerable, showcasing her caring and thoughtful character. She is a wonderful sister who carefully selects her friends. Always ready with a joke or a smile, she is emotionally attuned. I adore my darling, who will be eleven this year.

Happy Birthday Skye Blu'!

With her birthday coming up in August, we haven't made any plans yet! Since we now reside in a different state, I'm eager to venture out and discover more about our new city. Given that her birthday falls in the summer, we can consider going on a vacation, hosting a pool party, and preparing outdoor activities. We are definitely excited about the upcoming celebrations.

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