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Summer Activities

You wanna know what helped me when I first moved to a new city I knew nothing about?

A park 🛝 It was the place to go to meet new friends for my then one year old and a way to connect with people from all different walks of life.

They were able to tell me about the area and give me job leads, available apartments leads and friend leads who may needed their home cleaned.

With so many different things to do this summer, having a picnic 🧺 at a park with the little ones is always a fun free event!

First me and the girls drove to King’s Soopers and grabbed some of our fav fruits and then I put together this fruit basket with our drinks and curated it with painting canvases!

It was such a fun day on this day and a must do again before the summer is out!

National Park Service will help you find the nearest park by copying and pasting the link below

OR watch my story (IG) visit the link

Use hashtag #babyatease so we can see all the baby’s and their family’s enjoying the outdoors ☀️




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