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Preeclampsia in the Black Community

Updated: Apr 22

Are you aware of how important preeclampsia is with women in the Black community?

As a preeclampsia survivor, I knew very little details about being a woman in the black community with preeclampsia, until it was time to give birth...

Because of my preeclampsia, I was perhaps three weeks ahead of my due date when I was ready to give birth. Before I went to my doctor's office for a follow-up and the staff informed me that I needed to go into emergency delivery because I had high blood pressure and was diagnosed with preeclampsia, I had never heard of preeclampsia and I knew very little about it, being a woman in the black community.

Since it was my first time giving birth and I wasn't prepared, I was frightened to give birth to my child promptly. I was curious as to why I had not been informed of preeclampsia prior to the symptoms.

My symptoms were dizziness, swollen feet, and constant shortness of breath. I went to my doctor's appointment on time, and as soon as I checked my blood pressure, they hurried me into labor and delivery.

I was being informed of my preeclampsia on the way to deliver my baby! The staff was trying to explain to me what it was but could you imagine where my mind must of been at that time. I wanted to scream "Lady I'm about to deliver a baby!"

What is Preeclampsia?

Preeclampsia, formerly called toxemia, happens when you're pregnant and have high blood pressure, too much protein in your pee, and also swelling in your legs, feet, and hands. It can range from mild to severe. It usually happens late in pregnancy, though it can come earlier or just after delivery.

Women in the black community experiences!

Dee Brown shares the first time she heard the word preeclampsia. Four women sit down and share there stories on being a woman apart of the black community with preeclampsia.

So many times, these stories sounds all to familiar. Many of us black women have not heard of preeclampsia until it was time to deliver our babies, with no real choice to make other than having too deliver them immediately.

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