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First Time Being a Mom

Updated: May 25

I was so frightened to be a mom!

My first pregnancy at the age of nineteen had to be very scary for me. I found out I was pregnant and was terrified to tell anyone because I had no idea who to tell. I first told my best friend, then the father, and finally my sister. Everyone had encouraging words for me, but I was still scared! I had no job, no high school diploma, and was living with my BF and her sister.

Eventually, I began to take better care of myself because, despite my fears, I was making promises to my baby that I knew I had to fulfill. I had to be the best mother, which mine was not, and I was both excited and scared.

During my pregnancy, I would read books to my baby, play music, and talk to her! I had my daughter under scary circumstances. (Read about it here)

I was prepared to keep every promise I made to her!

After Giving Birth I kept my Promises.

After having my baby and still having no job or higher education to help me find a good paying job, it was time for me to apply for government assistance. When I applied for government assistance, I was assigned to a GED class so that I could obtain it and apply to college. I remember only having to take two tests, and I passed both on my first try. I completed my GED program in October 2010 and began college at Milwaukee Area Technical College, where I enrolled in the Pharmacy program.

I was doing so well in my Pharmacist program, and I was convinced that was the way out of poverty. I completed 67% of my program before getting into legal trouble. I was unable to complete my program, which devastated me. The odds were stacked against me at this point, so I returned to the same school and enrolled in the Barber/Cosmetology program. Later, I opened my own salon.

Whats Happening now After Fifteen Years?

As I reflect on the years, despite all the odds against me and betrayal along the way, I am still committed to what I believe in, which is keeping our children safe from predators. I'm pleased with my progress, and my daughter is now a teenager. She has already attended homecoming for the ninth grade, has had several jobs, and aside from the girl attitude, she will be awesome in life as she carries with her the key morals she needs to guide her through life after leaving my nest.

Jurnee is very important to her younger sisters, and I am grateful to have had her. She is very important in my life, and I would live for her as long as possible. She has maintained excellent grades throughout her school years, is a gymnast, and can flip from one end of the earth to the other. She is respectful and has a strong support system of friends. I am extremely proud of her, and I know her presence in this world is greatly needed!

Coping Mom that Lost her Spouse in the Line of Duty

Can you imagine losing your better half in the line of duty while raising children? I cannot! I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to lose your husband, protector, and provider and have to raise children on your own. It's difficult enough to do alone, but missing that void could be even more difficult.

Read this article about how Yasin Wade coped with becoming a military widow and the military widow community she turned to for support during this difficult time, and then read about how other military widows felt about how they were informed of their husband's death!

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