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Preeclampsia in Black Mothers

Updated: Apr 22

How has experiencing Preeclampsia as a black woman affected you, if at all?

I've mentioned it several times: I had never heard of preeclampsia until I had it. I've had three children, and I didn't hear the word throughout my previous two pregnancies, since I didn't have it with them. It makes me wonder why so few women obtain basic medical care. It affects me in ways that make me wonder if we don't matter. As humans, a black woman is required in our world; why isn't our health treated seriously while pregnant?

After learning more about preeclampsia, doctors truly don't know...

Preeclampsia can be deadly if not treated in a timely manner, but black women are more likely to develop it. Why wasn't this told to me before I was notified, I had it? It scares me.

This is something that can't be prevented but there are ways to treat it and notice the symptoms.

The linked article contains a wealth of helpful information about what to search for...

It's possible that, like me, you were unaware of preeclampsia until you may have had it. Make careful to acknowledge any discomfort as you read and distribute this information to your loved ones.

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