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Higher risk of pregnancy related complications in Black women.

In 2021, Black women, during the pregnancy, experienced a higher death rate of 69.9 per 100,000 live births compared to white women due to complications.

Were you aware that Black women face pregnancy risks at a rate three times higher than white women? These risks could include but not limited too preeclampsia, blood clots, preterm birth, low birth weigh, cesarean rates are higher, and bleeding disorders.

Have you experienced any of these complications during your pregnancy as a Black woman? Click on the video below to hear directly from doctors discussing some of the reasons behind this occurrence.

The purpose of this video is to bring attention to the differences in pregnancy experiences that Black and White women face. You might have come across a comparable scenario without being aware of it, no matter your race.

I recently came across some concerning information that shed light on the possibility of cesarean sections being viewed as mistreatment within the medical community. This revelation has sparked a deep sense of reflection within me, prompting me to consider the implications and repercussions of such a perspective. While I have not personally undergone a cesarean section with my pregnancy, I cannot help but empathize with the countless mothers who may have had to endure this experience.

The thought of the physical and emotional scars that mothers may carry as a result of undergoing a cesarean section is truly heart-wrenching. The physical recovery from such a procedure can be challenging, often involving a longer healing process compared to a vaginal birth. The emotional toll of having to undergo major abdominal surgery to bring a child into the world cannot be understated. Mothers may experience feelings of disappointment, guilt, or even trauma due to the unexpected turn of events during childbirth.

Furthermore, the implications of considering cesarean sections as potential mistreatment raise important questions about the autonomy and decision-making power of pregnant individuals. It is essential to ensure that all birthing individuals have access to comprehensive information, resources, and support to make informed choices about their childbirth experiences. Any perception of coercion or lack of agency in the decision-making process surrounding cesarean sections must be addressed to uphold the principles of patient-centered care and respect for individual autonomy.

In light of these revelations, it is crucial for healthcare providers to engage in open and honest conversations with their patients, fostering a supportive and empowering environment for pregnant individuals to voice their preferences and concerns. By promoting transparency, shared decision-making, and respectful communication, healthcare professionals can work towards ensuring that all individuals receive dignified and compassionate care throughout their pregnancy and childbirth journey.

Baby At Ease offers support resources and a list of support groups for individuals who are going through or have gone through pregnancy complications, providing reassurance.

Here are some resources for pregnancy complications:

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